Yin - Yang for psychology

In Psychology polarity (Yin - Yang) can be experienced under the aspects of:

  • passive - active  (like being handled, treated -  handling, treating)
  • towards onself - towards others (like working for onseself - work for others, help)
  • Thesis - Antithesis - meaning main term - its contrary (like working - not working, resting)
  • positiv - negative (like working - being lazy)

Basic polar functions of every day life are listet up in picture 3 underneath.


In daily psychology malfunctions in the Yin and Yang system appear as:

  • reduced polar activity - both sides are deficient (like neither working nor resting)
  • Misbalance (like too much working, not enough resting)
  • Severe fluctuations (being workaholic - being exhausted)
  • Yin - Yang conflicts ( work and family in conflict; "either- or" thinking instead of "one after the other")

Every day`s stress usually is connected with dyfunctional Yin-Yang patterns, concerning our thinking, feeling an behavior, which can be overthougt by use of a special evaluation sheet - see evaluation of polarity in lifestyle, see evaluation sheet


Usually it is necessary to strengthen the weak side (by talking about ist, by remembering, by discussion, by phantasm or by underlining it during a hypnotic session). In any case it is worth while to keep in mind the normal Yin- Yang aspects (see picture 3) when confronted with dysbalances, severe fluctuations or deficiency of both parts (see symptoms picture 5 above).

Applications of polar thinking in psychology

  • Easy to understand, simple language, useful for education,
  • Balanced polar feelings, behavior and cognitions can be used as a scale for individual psychosocial health and good resilience.
  • Polar thinking is adaptable to different cultures.
  • Filling in evalaluation sheets can be a help for self experience.
  • Dividing complex disorders into single elements allows tratment in small steps.
  • possible combinations with acupuncture and western relaxation techniques (especially hypnosis)