Curriculum vitae


Date and place of birth:

21. 04. 1948 - Vienna, Austria




1966 – Matura RG 18, Schopenhauerstraße

1972 - Graduated as doctor of medicine at the University of Vienna

1972-1976 medical internship for general praxis (Turnus) at the Poliklinik, Vienna


 Professional activities

1976- 1977 – military service as medical doctor in Cyprus UNFICYP


Since 1977 – settled down in own praxis as a General Practitioner in Vienna,

                     Diplomas for acupuncture (1978), homeopathy (1994) and

                     psychosomatic medicine (2009)

                     Tutor for medical education in general practice approved from the Ministry

                     of Health since 2000, from the medical university of Vienna since 2004


1979 – 1993 employed as medical doctor at a secondary school (RG19) in Vienna

1985 – 2005 regular duties as medical doctor during parliament’s sessions in Vienna


 Activities in complementary medicine:


1977 – 1987 active member in the Austrian society of Acupuncture (Prof. Bischko)

1987 – 1994 study and practice of Electro-Acupuncture for diagnostically and therapeutically

                     purposes, study of classical Homoeopathy


1992 – 1997 lectures on “Chinese systems for medical psychology” (part of a cycle of

                     lectures dealing with systemic approaches in medicine (Prof. Feigl, Vienna –

                     Poliklinik), several similar lectures in secondary schools for students in the

                     school year


1994 – 2002 Vize-Präsident of „Dachverband Österreichischer Ärzte(innen) für

                     Ganzheitsmedizin“ (associating most of the different complementary medical

                     societies in Austria)  

2008            New book completed: „Psychosomatische Vorsorgemedizin“ – Seelische

                    Gesundheit durch polares Denken und Altchinesische Phasenwandlungslehre, 

                    Edited by Springer WienNewYork


2008           oral contribution at the World Congress of Psychotherapy in Peking:

                   “Human evolution based upon old Chinese patterns?”


5/ 2011       Congress for TCM Psychology an sleep medicine, Bejing,

                   Leadership Prof. Wang-Weidong:

                   2 oral Presentations on "Old Chinese patterns for Psychology":

                   Yin - Yang for Psychology

                   Wu - xing for Psychology


11/2011       Ministry of Health, Vienna, Austria, J. Bischko Symposium -Focus Geriatrics

                    Leadership Prof. H. Nissel, Prof A. Meng:

                    "Old Chinese patterns to prevent loneliness and burnout syndroms" - workshop


since 2012   Detailed information about sense and applications of complemetary Medicine on

                    own Homepage

2014         Journal Biocosmology - Neoaristotelism Vol 4 Nrs 1 and 2, Spring  2014:

                  (edited by K. KhroutskiRationally realizing psychosocial evolutio0n through a well

                   balanced Polarity in thinking, behavior and feeling;

                  Vol 4 Nr 3 summer 2014 - edited by K. Khroutsky:                                                       

                   Wu-xing for Psychology - an ancient model to discuss psychosocial evolution and


2016         International Symposium "Philosophy of Nature" University of Vienna, Prof. Hisaki Hashi

                and 11. International Symposium in Biocosmology  

                Felix Badelt: 1.  Introduction: Systemic aspects of Old Chinese Natural Philosophy;

                                    2. Yin-Yang-Taiji and the Five phases rotation system as rational tools to explain

                                    psychosocial progress and risks

2019         Lectures for GAMED Salutogenese Kongress 9.11. an for Kophil am 14.11.:

                  "Altchinesische Gesundheitsmuster . heute"

2022       Foundation of ia new ntegrative-medical party, thus elected into the chamber of austrian medical doctors

                (Ärztekammer) - consultant in the field of complementary and integrative medicine




Special interests


Medical psychology, Salutogenese, psychosomatic aspects in a comprehensive medicine; 


Electric phenomena (skin resistance) over acupuncture points and other specific points according to EAV (Elektroakupunktur nach Voll) for:


1. better evaluation (screening) of wellbeing, functional diseases or severe illnesses,

2. to verify positive influences of suitable homeopathic remedies in the patient`s soft tissue,

3. to compare influences of homeopathic remedies with school medical pharmaceutics as a further

    complementary step towards a more individualized therapy with minimized side effects.